Power your seasonal restaurant, bar, pub, club with the 
most complete reservation solution
in Romania

  • Boost your seasonal opening
  • Streamline operations 
  • Save money

Let your customers ...

...While you

2 000+


1 000 000
Guests a month

Seasonal openings come with multiple challenges.
Streamline your operations, delight your guests
and maximize your earnings with the

by wikoti | reservations

Deliver a great customer experience

And keep control

  • Make it easy for your guests to book from any channel online (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Ads, Website, Google, wikoti app…) 24/7
  • Automatically send a SMS with a booking link when your are unable to take a phone call. Miss a call not a customer!
  • Handle guest requests or wishes with direct messages
  • Confirm reservations and send reminders, automatically
  • Forget about errors, lost reservations and unhappy customers
  • Request pre-payment to secure your bookings on special events or dates 

Become more efficient

Streamline your reservations management

  • Get and manage all your reservations and walk-ins at one place, check them from everywhere at any time: throw away your paper notebook
  • Automate the reservation management , you set your rules and keep control
  • Control the flow of diners and optimize shifts and kitchen workload
  • Optimize the table management with the dining room plan and the smart table management engine
  • Be always aware with alerts and notifications on new reservations or reservations updates.
  • Leverage your QR code menu to take the pressure off your staff
  • Check your occupancy and performance at a glance and take actions

Fill in your establishment

Maximize your occupancy

  • Convert your investment online (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Website, wikoti, partners…) into actual bookings 24/7 like a pro without extra effort
  • Convert your missed calls into bookings
  • Highlight your menu, offers and events to guests booking online
  • Get bookings from your menu online
  • Maximize your occupancy with the waiting list
  • Forget about no-shows with the automatic reminders, and the pre-payment option
  • Leverage your guest data base, to engage with your customers (email, SMS campaigns)

Get all you need

For your seasonal location

The prices below don't include VAT.

All inclusive with the EXCLUSIVE SUMMER PACK

Our seasonal pack includes all features, an unlimited number of reservations and guests.

Features that matter


24/7 online reservations
Website reservations
Google reservations
Facebook and Instagram reservations
Messenger & Whatsapp reservations
Digital menu reservations
wikoti app reservations
Add phone reservations
Integrate with your mobile phone
Automatic confirmation notifications by email
Automatic reminder notification by email
Automatic SMS notifications (0,07€/SMS)
Customized reservation rules
Smart occupancy management
Seating plan - Room plan
Direct message with customers
List of reservations
Add walk-ins
Waiting list
Contact database GDPR compliant
Customer feedback
Marketing campaigns
Events display
Menu display
Prepaid Option
Send automatically an SMS on missed calls (0,07€/SMS)
Digital menu and QR code
Support during busy hours
Divider boats

Save big time every day
  • Manage your reservations faster, reduce errors
  • Spend much less time on the phone
  • Get an accurate view of your occupancy at any time
  • Maximize revenues and profit
  •   Maximize Table Turnover
  •   Get bookings 24/7 on multiple channels, missed calls and online menu
  •   Streamline your operations
  • Run Your Own Rules
  •  Leverage the flexibility of wikoti | reservations to run your own rules, and keep control
  •  Set online booking rules, manage capacity by seat or table, request a prepayment for your special events and secure your bookings
  •  Send automatic confirmations and reminders by email and/or SMS
  • Enjoy a fair & transparent price
  •   EXCLUSIVE SUMMER PACK includes all features you may need during the season for a fix subscription
  •   No set up fee
  •   No hidden costs
  • FAQ

    What is the difference between wikoti | reservations and the EXCLUSIVE SUMMER PACK?

    The EXCLUSIVE SUMMER PACK includes all the features of wikoti | reservations and it is exclusive to seasonal establishment. It has been designed to help seasonal restaurants to streamline their operations, save time and maximize profit during the few months of the openings.

    How much it costs?

    The EXCLUSIVE SUMMER PACK is priced 290€ flat fee for the full season up to 4 months. For shorter openings the EXCLUSIVE SUMMER PACK is priced 99€ monthly. Sending notifications and reminders are optional and will be charged 0,07€ per SMS. Creating a digital menu, including the nutritional values will be charged once, based on the number of items (please contact us to get a quote).

    Do I have to pay a set-up fee or a commission on bookings ?

    No at all. There is no set-up fee, the restaurant profile creation, the restaurant settings and the staff training are included in the pack. There is no commission on bookings or guests, the price includes unlimited number of guests and bookings.

    What is the integration with my mobile phone?

    We offer a unique integration of wikoti | reservations with your mobile phone with the following features: (1) Contact details are displayed before answering the phone (number of past reservations, cancellations...): you know who is calling to personalize your welcoming (2) Contact details (name and phone number) are prefilled when taking a phone reservation: you save time and reduce the risk of errors. (3) in case of missed calls a SMS with the link to book online is automatically sent : you miss a call you don't miss a customer

    How difficult it is to start with the EXCLUSIVE SUMMER PACK?

    We know seasonal openings are coming with a lot of challenges and we are here to simplify your life and contribute to a successfull season. Using wikoti | reservations is easy and straight forward for your staff. A lot of actions can be automated while keeping the full control. We do all the settings for you, therefore you can focus on other tasks.